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Load to Nusantara from Hirano station (Osaka Metro)


We will briefly introduce the route from our shop’s nearest station, Hirano Station (Osaka Metro), to Nusantara.

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To begin with,go to Osaka Metro Hirano Station

Osaka Metro Hirano Station is a station on the Tanimachi Line, which goes to Yao via Higashi Umeda and Tennoji.
It is also convenient to transfer at Osaka Station, Umeda Station or Tennoji Station, or to transfer to the Hankyu-Kyoto Line or Senri Line at Tenjinbashisuji-rokuchome Station, or to the Osaka Metro line at various stations.

It also connects to the Osaka Monorail at Dainichi Station and to the Keihan-Line at Tenmabashi Station, and is recommended for use from Osaka Airport and Kyoto.

Changing trains at Umeda is a bit difficult, but it’s the closest route from our restaurant.

Go straight after Exit 5.

When you get to Hirano Station, take the south ticket gate and head for exit 5.

After exiting Exit 5, go straight along the main street toward the bus stop.

Even if you split into two legs, go straight.

The road splits in two after a while, but go straight along the main street.

Even if you think “Are you sure you’re still straight?” keep away from the station until you see UFJ Bank. A 10 minute walk straight is quite a walk.

Turn right at the corner of UFJ Bank.

Just when you think you’ve gone straight enough, you’ll see UFJ Bank.
Turn right at the corner of UFJ Bank, not Nanto Bank, which you see in the foreground.

There is quite a lot of car traffic, so please walk carefully.
If you walk a little, you’ll see Nusantara on your right.

You can come from Harinakano, but ……

Passing the Osaka Metro Hirano Station and going west, you will also see Harinakano Station, but as it is a nearly 30 minute walk, I do not plan to mention it as a guide from the nearest station.

Walk to Komagawa-Nakano Station and take the subway to Hirano Station, or take the bus to Hirano-Minamiguchi. The bus stop “Nagaremachi,” which has the same name as the address, is quite a distance, so please be careful when coming by bus.

There are also many attractive shops between Osaka Metro Hirano Station and our shop.
It’s about 10 minutes straight ahead, but if there’s a restaurant you’re interested in, please stop by.


A restaurant specializing in Indonesian cuisine opened on June 5, 2023, a 10 minute walk from Osaka Metro Hirano Station. There is also a popular menu inherited from Machi Zhonghua and Huaraku. Neighbors and those who like Indonesian food, please feel free to come.




  • 10 minutes on foot from Exit 5 of Hirano Station on the Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line.
  • 17 minutes on foot from Hirano Station on the JR Yamato Line.
  • 23 minutes on foot from Shinkami Station on the JR Osaka Higashi Line.
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